In-Office OBGYN Diagnosis & Treatment

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for all women. Our primary purpose is to deliver the most current diagnostic tools and the most advanced treatments for feminine health, including those involving urinary incontinence, menstrual issues, sexual and reproductive problems, and other pelvic disorders. We provide our patients with the highest standard of treatment by offering the latest technologies, in a caring and supportive medical environment.

If you suffer from menstrual problems, endometriosis, urinary incontinence, frequent UTIs, pelvic organ prolapse, or other gynecological conditions, you are not alone. These problems occurs in many women and are actually highly treatable with the latest technologies in pelvic medicine. Women suffering from these frustrating, painful and embarrassing conditions often think it is an unavoidable part of normal aging – but this does not have to be the case! Most women are not aware that many new treatment modalities are available to successfully manage their problems and help them live a normal life.

In our Brockton, MA gynecology practice many of the state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures and minimally invasive treatment options that we offer can be performed “in office” on an outpatient basis – without the need for inconvenient and expensive hospital stays. These include: hysteroscopy (both diagnostic and operative); colposcopy for the management of abnormal pap smears; Minerva endometrial ablation ; and, urodynamic and anorectal manometry testing.

Dr. Vikas Merchia, MD, FACOG, FPMRS is Board Certified in the subspecialty of Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery. He has been practicing for nearly 20 years with a wealth of knowledge and experience in using the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art modalities. He is a compassionate and empathetic patient advocate, with the single goal of working to help improve the quality of life of every one of his patients.