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Hair Restoration Using PRP Treatment in Brockton, MA

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Hair Restoration Using PRP Treatment in Brockton, MA

Do you live in the Brockton, MA area and are suffering from hair loss? Instead of shopping for hair extensions, wigs, or new a new hairstyle, come to ESP Medical today. Dr. Vikas Merchia MD and his team are experts in hair restoration treatments. They are certified to provide PRP Therapy to help restore your hair to its youthful appearance. Come in today for a one on one consultation to see if this procedure is right of you.

What is PRP Therapy and what are the advantages of it?

PRP is short for platelet-rich plasma. Platelets are your body’s natural healing and growth factors. We pull this out of your blood and concentrate it into an injection. We then inject the PRP into the area where we want to promote growth and healing. In this case, the injection will naturally stimulate hair growth.

This method is advantageous because it is a simple procedure that does not require surgery. The overall treatment time after multiple injections is about 60 minutes. Since we use your body’s healing factors, it is very safe and rarely are the results disappointing. Finally, the results will produce natural hair and recovery time is very quick.

Does a PRP therapy session hurt? Are there any risks?

Depending on the sensitivity of a patient’s scalp, some patients may report some discomfort. If this occurs, our doctors can apply some topical numbing cream to make the therapy more comfortable for you. You may experience some soreness after the procedure, but most patients report this passing after a couple of days.

Since a PRP injection is produced from your blood, there is no risk for an allergic reaction. We are just moving one part of your blood to another part of your body. Infections are possible at the point of injection, but we maintain a very high level of cleanliness at our facility and will send you home with instructions on how to keep the treatment area clean and free from possible infection.

Is there an at-home option for PRP treatment?

Unfortunately, something like this needs to be done in a safe, sterile environment and with specialized equipment. This treatment must be done at a facility.

How often do I need to repeat this treatment?

The treatment frequency is dependent on an individual patient’s need and treatment plan that you and our experts will determine before your PRP Therapy session begins. Some patients continue treatment until they achieve their desired results. Other patients may schedule a treatment two or three times a year to maintain their results and goals.

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